Registration Info

Why is the Scoop Scoot just $5?

Thanks to sponsors, the costs of the event (park permit, safety cones, bathrooms, police officers, insurance, ice cream, DJ, beer, etc) are covered. The $5 covers the registration site fees and insures you’re committed. Additional donations are encouraged and will go directly to the nonprofit of your choice. To encourage early registration, price will increase to $10 on Monday, July 10th.

What is included with registration?

Each participant will receive their chosen scoop of Vic’s ice cream in a commemorative plastic cup. Participants will also receive a bib similar to running events. For those 21 and older, there will be a courtesy beer garden at the finish.

How do I purchase a Mikuni Scoop Scoot commemorative shirt?

The Mikuni commemorative shirt is available for $25, 100% donated to the four nonprofits, and can be purchased during the registration process. There is a limited quantity (300 available), don’t wait to purchase! Shirt proceeds will be donated to the four nonprofits. Shirts can be picked up during either of the bib pick up times (see below). They are not available at Mikuni locations for purchase or pick up.

Is this a race?

The Scoop Scoot is more “family friendly community event” than a race. If you and your friends decide to race against each other, please be aware there are participants of all ages and speeds on the course that may impede your speed. Safety first, then fun!

Who has to register?

Each person that would like a scoop of ice cream at Vic’s MUST register. This is the only way to secure your bib which will be your ticket to a scoop of ice cream.

How many scoops of ice cream are available?

Ice cream capacity is limited to 1,000 scoops. You can still join the fun and make a donation after we reach ice cream capacity, you just won’t be able to enjoy a scoop of delicious Vic’s Ice Cream.

When does online registration close?

Online registration will close Wednesday, July 19th at Midnight. After online registration closes, you can download and complete the registration form and bring to bib pick up on Thursday or the event on Friday.

Can I register after online registration closes?

Yes, you can download and complete the registration form and bring to bib pick up on Thursday or the event on Friday. Once ice cream spots have reached capacity, you can still join the fun, enjoy the beer garden, and make a donation, you just won’t be able to enjoy a scoop of delicious Vic’s Ice Cream.

What if I registered but can’t make the event?

Please email as soon as possible so that your scoop of ice cream is available to someone else. Your donation will still be given to the non-profit of your choice on your behalf.

Preparing for the event

Where can I pick up my bib (and shirt, if purchased)?

There are 2 options to pick up your bib:

  • Thursday, July 20th at Fleet Feet Sacramento (2311 J St. Sacramento) from 10 AM – 7 PM.
  • Friday, July 21st at the Start/Finish area in William Land Park starting at 5 PM.

All participants are encouraged to pick up on Thursday at Fleet Feet to avoid the last minute rush. Nothing is required to pick up for yourself and immediate family members.

Can I pick up the bib of a friend?

You are able to pick up the bib for friends and extended family members ONLY IF you have a copy of the registration confirmation email. For immediate family members, this is not required. To save a few trees, you can show their email confirmation on your phone. If you have lost your confirmation email, you can log in to your RaceRoster account and download a copy. Unfortunately requests  to resend this info the week of the event can not be accommodated.

Can I bring a dog?

Yes, one dog per person is ok with a 6′ leash or less, please NO retractable leashes. Please consider the following before bringing your dog – Is your dog friendly with 150+ other dogs? Is your dog food aggressive? Is your dog comfortable in large crowds of 500+ people?

It is your responsibility to clean up after your dog along the course and in the park, obey all leash laws, have current shots, and is tagged/licensed since the event takes place in a city park and on city streets. If your dog is aggressive, barks at dogs/people, or creates a nuisance, you will be asked to remove the dog from the event.

Can I bring a stroller or wagon?

Yes! Since this is a family friendly event, stroller and wagons are ok. Please NO skateboards, hoverboards, bicycles, tricycles, roller skates, or scooters.

Day of the event

What time does the event start and finish?

Timeline of events:

  • 5:00 PM Pick up bib/shirt and fun begins in William Land Park
  • 6:00 PM Sierra Nevada Beer Garden opens
  • 7:00 PM Start – Mikuni Scoop Scoot
  • 7:50 PM Vic’s Ice Cream turnaround area closes
  • 8:00 PM 8th Ave & 13th St re-open between Vic’s and 11th Ave
  • 8:30 PM Finish Area & Beer Garden closes
  • 9:00 PM Park closes

Participants are anticipated to maintain a minimum pace of 25 minutes per mile. This pace will still allow 10 minutes at Vic’s Ice Cream to consume your scoop and finish by sunset at 8:26 PM.

Are there bathrooms, water, and aid stations?

There will be bathrooms in the start/finish area as well as approx 1 mile from the start/finish area (see map below). There will not be bathrooms at Vic’s Ice Cream due to limited street space.

In an effort to reduce trash and costs, please bring your own water bottle and water. There will not be water or aid stations along the course. Cups will be provided for beer in the beer garden.

Who can enter and what is needed for the Sierra Nevada Beer Garden?

The beer garden is open to registered participants over 21 years old with a valid ID. No ID, no beer. You must also have your Mikuni Scoop Scoot numbered bib with you. Beer is complimentary (donations accepted) and cups will be provided. Beer garden is open 6 PM – 8:30 PM.

What is the course?

Course is 1.5 miles each way, 3 miles total. Please click on the map below to enlarge the course map.





Where can I park?

Parking is available along Sutterville Road, 13th Ave, 15th Ave (behind Fairytale Town), and neighboring communities. Parking is NOT available inside the park or at the golf course lot. Please be considerate of neighbors and check all signs.

When I arrive at Vic’s Ice Cream, how do I receive my chosen scoop of ice cream?

Each participant will receive a numbered bib with a “tear off” on the bottom. Bib numbers are color coded to match 10′ X 15′ colored canopies at Vic’s Ice Cream. As you arrive at Vic’s, head toward the corresponding colored canopy (Vanilla = white canopy, Strawberry = red canopy, Chocolate = brown canopy), tear off the strip at the bottom of your bib and exchange it with a volunteer for your scoop of ice cream in a commemorative cup. No tear off = no scoop of ice cream! Don’t forget your bib and don’t lose the tear off prematurely.

Can I keep the commemorative cup that comes with the ice cream?

Yes, the cup is for you to keep. There will be 5 gallon buckets of water at Vic’s to rinse your cup before returning to the course. If you choose to discard your cup, there are no replacements.